Saturday, November 28, 2009

PNEP and Party in the USA

here are two videos...please enjoy them.
Party in the USA


in PNEP we would like to give a special thanks to Dustin and the Risners for hosting us in Erie...and then a very gracious thank you as well to the lovely Ros for her excellent tour directing talents in guiding us around Pittsburgh.  Thanks to you both for your time and generosity.  Your assistance in our trip is very much appreciated and not the same without.  Thanks, Thank you, and Thanks.

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  1. I love this! I LOVE IT!!! hhahaaha.. good stuff.

  2. 1. Not once did Baker look at Miley's lyrics while you were singing. He knew the whole thing by heart. Surprised? I'm not.
    2. Curtis gets a shout-out when you cross the border? He's not Canadian. And he never lived 10 minutes from The Falls. Both of those apply to me. Disappointing.
    3. Let's get a castle.
    4. Seriously, let's get one.
    5. I am really just commenting because I don't want Juli to be the only one.

  3. Haha Thanks Dan, I appreciate the company.