Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New York and Boston

Here are two videos of our time spent in New York and Boston.  Our time in New York was enjoyable.  We stayed with Matteo for two nights in Hoboken, NJ across the water from NYC and a third night in Goshen, NY with the Cirigliano Family.  We were in NY when the Yankees won the world series, and we attended the Yankee parade.  It was crazy.  We tried to get on the David Letterman show, checked out Times Square, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, and many other city things. We also had some NY pizza.  Good times were had.

In Boston we stayed one night sleeping inside a church and then a second night with Derek and Carissa who helped with the church.  Gatsby had the connection with the Pastor of that church.  We attended their service Sunday morning and then checked out Boston during the afternoon.  We walked around the city, peeked in the Boston Red Sox stadium, went to Cheers, found the Freedom Trail, and had some delcious food.  Good times were also had.

Enjoy the vids:
New York


(more vids to come soon...stay tuned, subscribe to the blog, and tell your friends.)


  1. Those are definitely my two favorite vids so far. So funny! Aw I'm so glad you guys are getting to experience all this!

  2. Man I miss living in that city!! Your blog just makes my day--too funny! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!