Wednesday, November 4, 2009


the below video has some random clips of our adventure in and around Atlanta...

we would like to thank EK, Michael & Meredith, and their awesome kids for all the hospitality and are lovely people :)

 (fyi: often times some video footage will be sped up in order to shorten the length of video without cutting out parts of it...whatever.)

UPDATE on location:  since ATL we have camped in the Appalachain mountains, gotten our oil changed in Greensboro, NC, swam the Atlantic at Virginia Beach, partied with the Beasleys around Regent University, explored D.C. for two days while crashing in Baltimore with some brainiac PhD students at Johns Hopkins University and are heading to NYC on this Wed. Nov. 4.

keep track of our blog and check for upcoming footage of these adventures

keep following...and spread the word about  THE MINIVAN DIARIES.

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