Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 1 - 2

watch the video below...that's what's up.
(and from now on to easily distinguish b/w the Matts when updates are in text form... Matthew Thomas will be referred to as "Gatsby" and Matthew Baker will be referred to as "Baker")

Our first day was a trip from Jackson, MS to New Orleans, LA where we checked out Bourbon street and had some cajun cuisine for lunch and then on to the outskirts of Pensacola, FL where we camped out.  It rained heavily the entire night.  Our tent wanted to blow over, but it didn't.  Our sleeping bags got soaked.  The next morning we went straight to the nearest laundromat and dried our sleeping bags, brushed our teeth, and air dried the tent.  We then drove all the way to Orlando, FL.  We met up with a few Alaska friends for dinner.  (Hopefully Seaira will post those pics on her facebook.)  The second night we also went to the Blue Martini, compliments of Connor Kelly.  We had to see what it was all about since he always talks about it on his facebook posts. We are in Orlando for two nights.  Tomorrow we will head to Georgia.

We'll see what happens. 



  1. Not that I'm trying to be the only person who leaves comments on here, but I guess I'm just too excited not too.

    You guys honestly make me happy about life. This is awesome.

    Also, semi truck driver = the greatest man (or woman, I don't discriminate) alive.

    You should end the trip in Langley. I know D-rey misses you quite a bit.

  2. rachel...never be ashamed to leave comments or be the only one. we encourage as many comments as you or anyone desire to leave.

    and we miss "D-rey" as well

    (thanks for the comment)